C3 Collective is a team of seasoned communications professionals who believe in a holistic approach to telling your story. We take a strategic approach to everything we do. We believe in outcome, not output. We abide by a code of ethics, and take offense at the 's' word (spin). Our goal is to help businesses not only grow, but thrive for long-term success.

“The team at C3 took apply101 from basically unknown to being featured by several large national media outlets. It was a game changer for our little startup and we’ve seen user rates skyrocket as a result.

The team took the time to get to know apply101, our project and our objectives. By the end of our experience I think they did a better job of articulating our mission than we did. They are amazing to work with and we can’t recommend their services enough.”
— Natalie Miller, CEO, apply101

Speaker Coaching/

Presentation Training 

We at C3 Collective give clients confidence speaking in public — for audiences large or small. Your team will learn effective techniques to make speaking publicly not only less scary — but fun. Our team takes a realistic approach breaking down the crucial steps. From creating engaging slides to identifying the right voice for your audience to day-of preparation tips such as breathing and body language, C3 will help you and your staff become passionate about presenting!

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Here at the C3 Collective, our team always takes a strategic approach to clients' needs. We are experts in media and public relations, but that’s just the beginning. We work to uncover ways to optimize clients’ stories through SEO, SEM and content marketing. We look at the whole picture for today and tomorrow. Don’t be surprised if we ask why you want coverage. Whom are you trying to reach? What behavior are you trying to change? We work with our clients to identify their target audience behind the lens and past the print to create an effective campaign for engagement.

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Media Training

There’s no one better to help you train for media interviews than the C3 Collective. Our team of veteran TV journalists, public relations professionals and communications strategists will teach you and your team the tips, tricks and techniques involved in an ever-changing media landscape. You’ll gain invaluable insights from a team who has been on both sides of the camera. You and your staff will gain confidence and credibility with proactive and reactive media training for any situation you may be faced with.

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