Charles Treat

Charles Treat is an accomplished creative executive with over 17 years of expertise in marketing, communications, and design. A creative leader who specializes in building and leading teams that deliver a wide range of communication and design solutions including online marketing and campaigns, community-driven web products, and a variety of print materials including direct mail, billboards, brochures and more.

Charles has worked for America Online on their editorial properties, digital products such as instant messenger and their mobile experiences. He has helped develop identity management products for start-ups (Pseuds Inc.). He has managed and helped build out the interactive capabilities (communications, design, front end development) for DDC Public Affairs. In that capacity, he also contributed high level strategy for Fortune 100 companies for a variety of online campaigns - including Toyota, GM, and Lockheed Martin.

Charles considers his unique blend of technical, communications and business background to be his greatest asset. He is eager to apply this experience to help you solve your strategic problems.  

User Experience, Product Design, Interaction Design, User Interface, Design, Graphic Design, Brand Development, Product Strategy, Design Management, Creative and Art Direction, Design Direction, Product Management, Vice President of Design, Mentorship, Career and Team Development

Charles Treat    MarCom Strategist

Charles Treat

MarCom Strategist