Jenna Cooper, APR & Shirley Hancock

Presentation/Speaker Coaches

Presentation training & speaker coaching

The C3 Collective gives clients confidence speaking in public — for audiences large or small. Your team will learn effective techniques to make speaking publicly not only less scary — but fun. Our team takes a realistic and tailored approach, breaking down the crucial steps. From creating engaging slides to identifying the right voice for your audience to day-of preparation tips such as breathing and body language, The C3 Collective  will help you and your staff become passionate about presenting, and confident when speaking.

The C3 Collective offers a complimentary 15 minute telephone consultation to determine what type of training works best for you and your team. Click here to schedule a time!


"We had four speakers and the changes were tremendous from when we first started preparing them to now. Thanks for their work with Jenna, they feel ready to walk on a national stage: SXSW EDU in Austin, Texas. They were ready to go, and knocked it out of the park!" Madeline Turnock, APR, Strategic Communications & Partnerships Advisor, Concordia University-Portland


"I think the things you teach are great--very helpful tips and tricks, as well as advice. Thank you for being so nice! Your demeanor and positivity put me at ease and made a process I was not looking forward to a lot more enjoyable. I would gladly recommend this training to others."

—Joe Points, Leatherman & Led Lenser

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"It was great to have both Jenna and Shirley as speaking coaches. It only took a short time before I felt at ease and knew they were there to help me succeed. After my second presentation I was confident I could actually get up in front of a large group and do my presentation. I have placed the evaluation with my presentation notes to review before and after I practice. I find it very valuable."

—Nica E., Marquis Companies & Consonus Healthcare